Psychologists Directory

Lyon, France

EFPA Psychologists Directory, including a selection of psychologists with practices and offices in Lyon.

Bruno Decoret
2 Rue de la Bourse
69001 Lyon

Nicolas Bethon
12 Quai Saint-Antoine
69002 Lyon

Cecile Planche
5 Place Croix Paquet
69001 Lyon

Cedric Jaques
5 Quai des Celestins
69002 Lyon

David Massal
18 Rue de Marseille
69007 Lyon

Virginie Joly
66 Rue Edouard Herriot
69002 Lyon

General Information

The collection of psychologists with practices and offices in Lyon shown on this page are included as a general information service to our site's visitors. There are no fees involved in their selection and they are displayed without bias. Please note that EFPA does not make any recommendations regarding the quality of service at individual practices.

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