Online Psychology Degree: Accreditation, Schools & Tuition

Enrolling in college to earn a degree in psychology requires dedication and commitment, both to the studies and to attending class. For many individuals going to a traditional brick and mortar college is often difficult or impossible due to work, home and in some cases the lack of transportation. Enrolling in an online psychology degree program is the solution to not being able to physically attend a university or college. Enrolling in a school that offers an online degree in psychology means you do not have to drive to the university and in most cases you can study at your convenience.

Online Courses Offered

Earning a psychology degree online has the same benefits as those from attending a traditional university. The classes taken and the specializations are the same. Some of the courses available through an online psychology degree program include behavior assessment, psychopharmacology, ethics life span development, research methods, counseling, child development and tests/measurements. These are all the same courses you would take while attending a brick and mortar college. The overall goal of earning a degree in psychology is to develop a better understand, researching, testing and diagnosis the many different aspects of the human mind.

Making The Commitment

Earning an online psychology degree supplies you with the same knowledge necessary to make your goals, only less hectic. There are some difficulties with earning a psychology degree online including commitment. When you are enrolled in a brick and mortal university, you know exactly when you have to be in class or when to study for a test, however, when you are studying for a degree online, it is difficult for some to get in the habit of committing themselves to their studies. You will still be required to study, take classes, attend lectures, take tests and pass the course. It is important for those earning an online degree in psychology to schedule time for studying and class, in order to avoid falling behind in courses.


Although there are numerous options for schools that offer an online psychology degree, it is important that you concentrate on applying to schools that are accredited. When a school has accreditation, it means that it has backing from the APA (American Psychological Association). When the program is APA accredited, the guidelines for training have met the standards set down through the APA and once you have earned a degree, you will have learned the required skills necessary for a career in psychology. If you study through an online psychology program that is not accredited, you will still have earned your degree, however, finding a position will be much more difficult than if your degree was from an APA accredited university. There are different types of accreditations as well, with the most recognized being a regional accreditation. If a school is regionally accredited, all credits you have earned through the university will be transferable to another accredited college, should you decide to transfer.

Online Universities & Tuition

There are several good universities that offer an online psychology degree including the University of Phoenix, Walden University, Argosy University, Capella University, Kaplan University and Saint Leo University. Attending one of these universities ensures you that the courses you take will be through an accredited university. Each of these universities offer an online degree program, ranging from an associate degree to a doctorate. It is recommended that you visit the website of all the schools you are considering to review the courses offered, the length of time needed for each degree program, the prerequisites' needed to apply such as letters of recommendation, GPA and previous class work. Tuition cost will also vary greatly among the different universities. The average tuition for an online psychology degree program ranges from $100 per credit up to $500 per credit, depending on the school and the degree level you are considering. If you intend to use financial aid, it is important that you determine if the school accepts and/or is qualified for financial aid, before registering.